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Forum rules. Jump to page: NobHillBilly Posts: Mon Dec 01, The TV does have two antennas from what I can tell in one of the secret menus. It came up earlier in the thread I think but if it's the hardware issue the TV's MAC address will show as all zero's at times, so if it isn't doing that it may be a different issue but if it is be sure to mention that the MAC address shows all 0's. If you can hardwire the TV with an ethernet dongle, I'd suggest it as you'll get a better picture quality while streaming things than you will with wifi.

I just have so many devices that I'm out of ethernet slots on my router and am bothered by a company selling a partially defective product. Tue Feb 04, Poquoson, VA Re: Two Roku 3s and a Roku 1 and a Roku Ultra "Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside. An unbreakable toy is useful for breaking other toys. Sun Jan 16, I am not questioning the validity of that claim, I just wasn't able to find anything myself that topped it at those prices.

Connecting Other Non-Browser Devices (TV, Roku, Vonage, etc)

You can always get better, but better at comparable pricing is what matters. That's exactly what you're going to be relying on here. If you don't know where it is, there's probably a link in your bookmarks bar. If you don't have one, do a Google search for " Chrome apps ," and the Chrome Web Store should come right up as the first result.

Once you're in the Chrome app store, search for " Remoku. Open Remoku via the icon in the upper right of your Chrome window. The virtual remote will pop open.

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Across the top, you'll see your menu for the app. Select Settings. The top box of the settings menu contains all the tools for connecting to your Roku. The first two lines are what you need. In the first line, make the IP address pattern match your network. The default IP address will work for most people, but if you made any changes to your network, ensure the configuration matches.

The next line lets you specify the number of Rokus on your network and start scanning to find them.

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Remoku will scan through your network's range of IP addresses and look for ones belonging to Roku devices. When it finds them, it'll list them out for you and you can find your Roku's IP address. If you'd prefer a more direct approach, there's another option, but it depends on your router.

Most routers have a way to view the devices currently connected, however, not all routers let you see the name of the device or look up the MAC address ; you're going to need one of those to identify the IP address on your Roku. Open your web browser of choice, and navigate to your router's admin interface. It's usually just at the router's IP address. Depending on your router, you may see a listing of connected devices immediately.

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  • TCL Roku TV wifi issues - Roku Forums?
  • Find your smart TV, DVR, or set-top box's MAC address!
  • Otherwise, you should sign in to the router and browse to the status pages. Those usually contain connection information.

    Your router could list the Roku devices by their hostname, which would immediately identify the Roku devices on your network; they'll be listed by name next to their IP address. If you don't see any Roku names listed, that's alright, too.

    TCLUSA — How to Find My Wireless MAC Address

    Look for MAC addresses in the listing of devices. Most routers have a column for it. Some routers let you look up the device manufacturer by the MAC address right in the interface.