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What is Divinity Original Sin 2, and WHY is it making reviewers CRAZY!?

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Very proud of everyone. It will include all the content from the original PC version, but it won't be compromising on content or graphical performance to do so. In fact, it'll even come packing new features, like MacBook TouchBar support so players can easily access their map or journal by tapping the bar. It will also support HDR on certain devices as well as iCloud so you can save and back up your save files across devices.

If you're into gaming with controllers, you'll also be able to use Apple MFI controllers with full vibration support, so you'll be able to fully interact with the world around you without being limited to certain control inputs.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition coming to Mac devices early next year | Shacknews

Check out the game when it finally lands in Q1 , though you can play it on PC right now if you can't stand the suspense. Some of these features include full MacBook Touchbar support, as well as iCloud backup capabilities, among others.

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Fear not! Cross-platform play between Windows and MacOS users will be possible, provided all players possess the same version of the game. With all this in mind, there should be no excuses not to snag a copy of the game when it drops.

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  5. Grab your 3 best buddies and hop into DOS2 for some good multiplayer fun. We know we will be! Original Sin 2-Definitive Edition to be released for Mac!

    Divinity: Original Sin 2 is finally available for Mac!

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