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We've added ffmpeg to allow us to save movies while using the excellent matplotlib. Now we are ready to install matplotlib. Ipython has come out with a very nice web-based notebook environment for running python scripts. It's very handy and allows you to run python like you would mathematica or matlab. You can follow the instructions in the link above, or the ones below to get started quickly.

Finally for javascript equation rendering we can use the script provided by ipython itself to install MathJax:. Now everything should be set up to run your web-based notebook. To launch a local webserver at http: There are plenty of other details on how to use the web-based notebooks at the link above. After installing iPy[notebook], I wanted a simple dock link that I could run to load iPy[notebook] server and start the web browser.

Installing Anaconda & iPython Jupyter Notebook on macOS X

First, add the following paths to your. Then open Automater, and create a new Application. Choose "Run AppleScript" and then enter. And then save this wherever you like I put mine in the Application folder before dragging it onto the dock. Alternatively you can just download and unpack this script. Running this "application" should open up a terminal, start your python environment, activate a new iPy[notebook] web server, and start the web browser to the iPy[notebook] interface.

This is my. What exact errors are you seeing? Has something changed in the current version?

Install ipython for mac

Ahhh sorry for not doing enough googling: Glad you got it working! That may be part of the issue and manually installing NumPy works around it. Although scipy now compiles, scipy. If you run an matplotlib example, you may find the script though not showing any errors, just hanges and does not plotting anything. Thanks for the post, it motivated me to finally get all this installed on my mac. It seems the url for installing homebrew has changed, though. It was super-convenient to use the double-click install on my work machine, however I wish that python had tab completion presumably from readline.

You should be able to install IPython regardless of which method you used to install Python, etc. So you totally answered my question, but I asked something different that what I intended. I also have just learned that, apparently, the libedit library on OS X can provide this, and it may be possible to turn that on post-install with just a configuration file.

Thanks, I appreciate you sharing your expertise! The last time I installed a computer with all my analysis software was more than a few years ago, and a lot has changed since then! Homebrew does compile Python against readline so all of the Control-letter commands work in the interactive interpreter. I had trouble with scipy, this was necessary: This is awesome. Thanks so much.

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These were the changes to your directions above that I had to make, all very painless: Homebrew url changed again. I used: I follow your post to install python and numpy. Broken toolchain: Running from numpy source directory.

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C compiler: A commenter on another of my posts recommends this answer on StackOverflow: Thanks a bunch for this concise and correct guide to getting Python up and running on Mac. I can support you there just open an issue when you get into trouble instead of spamming in this comments thread: You can then: This is my little contribution to the Python community. Hope my homebrew scripts may save you the one or the other minute in getting a decent scientific Python setup on the Mac.

Thank you for the feed back. Is there a particular version of Anaconda that you would recommend for osx The archive of installers is at http: Maybe try 1. These instructions differ from my previous set primarily in that I now use Homebrew to install NumPy, SciPy, and matplotlib. I do this because […]. How were you installing SciPy? I got this error installing matplotlib: Reblogged this on Shanshan Chen and commented: Great summary of python, numpy,scipy installation on a mac.

Thanks for the thread. I followed the steps exactly however when I type which python it comes out: How to change it? First few lines in my. The following error occurred while trying to add or remove files in the installation directory:. The installation directory you specified via —install-dir, —prefix, or the distutils default setting was:.

Could you give me some suggestions? You might consider cleaning up your. Have you thought about using Anaconda? See https: Yes I did install fink before. My suspicion is that you are having trouble because the Homebrew installed stuff is not coming up first on your PATH. What do you see with type pip? Hi I found this article really useful god what a pain scipy is to install on the mac.

If, like me, you get the error:. Nice instructions. Worked for me on Mavericks I did, however, have to brew install freetype to get rid of the fatal error: For example, follow the instructions here. Trying to follow your instructions to install everything on Mac OS X I have followed all instructions up to installing NumPy.

I would strongly encourage using the Anaconda Python distribution: In fact, these days I use Anaconda for all my personal development. The current version of Anaconda is Thanks for all the help.

Installing iPython On OS X Mountain Lion | The Macintosh Guy

I run I am trying to install python and I have been able to do everything but scipy. Moreover, you might want to install ffmpeg, which allows to save movies using matplotlib. This way I will get a notification email and I will answer you as soon as possible! Once installed, launch the application from the Launchpad menu. Install Homebrew To download and install Homebrew you need to run the following command in the Terminal: Virtual Environment A good practice is to use a virtual environment to have all the packages that you are using for one project in the same folder.

To install Virtualenv: To activate this environment: If you also want to install numpy or scipy you should install first gfortran. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.